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Flat roof and terrace renovation

flat roof terrace renovation construction solution salgarve


Flat roofing with EPDM foil

EPDM film is made of synthetic rubber. While bitumen is slowly dissolved over time by water, EPDM is resistant. The protection against ozone and UV radiation is significantly better.


The EPDM film is glued laid and bonded only on the overlaps. At the edges (roof penetrations, wall connections), the film is also glued. A covered with EPDM membrane.


flat roof terrace renovation construction solutions algarve


Liquid plastic for flat roof sealing


Liquid plastic is is also gaining popularity as a coating for flat roofs. Modern liquid plastic has similar characteristics as the EPDM foil, but with a seamless seal.



flat roof terrace renovation construction solutions algarveBest possible coverage for a flat roof


The best roofing is liquid plastic. However, you must take care to use the best quality products. Liquid plastic have a long life and can be found in tact after years even on industrial buildings.



Tips & Tricks


Coating a flat roof with liquid plastic can even be done without removing old roofing beforehand. It's always better to contract an experienced workman since very accurate work is important.





More air circulation for better drainage

New bonded drainage and uncoupling system


The permanently effective, passive capillary bonded drainage system consists of a closed polyethylene foil with a pattern of truncated conical studs on one side. A fleece fabric is laminated onto both sides of the foil. The top layer accommodates the thin-set mortar that is used to embed the floor covering materials. The laminated fleece, which can be permeated by water and vapor, allows for quick drying of the tile adhesive. The passive capillary design prevents the water from returning to the covering layer. The bottom fleece layer bonds with the tile adhesive and establishes a connection. 


This drains away more moisture, and isgreat for structures that need quick and reliable drainage, for example larger balconies/terraces or stairs in outdoor areas. Safe drainage of stairs in extremely important.



flat roof terrace renovation construction solutions algarveflat roof terrace renovation construction solutions algarve













There are many ways to expand your home


If you decide to work with us, the Nº.1 benefit is our many, many years of experience.

Refurbishing a space is a fascinating exercise. The idea is always to highlight the contrast between old and new, and showcase the different contrasting changes in the house such as stone walls mixed with wooden lintels for example.




Closing a terrace should only ever be done if there is an extreme need.


Here is what Sebastian asked for:


• The house is for two people, three in the future.

• I doubt it is practical to integrate the living room with the kitchen.

• The main room is very small, I'm thinking of reducing one of the rooms in order to expand both the master bedroom and the living room.

• The master bathroom is very small, I'm thinking of expanding and making it an en-suite.

• There are various pillars I understand can't be moved in the lounge and do not know what can be done with them.

• There is a small bathroom at the entrance next to the kitchen which I was thinking of getting rid of.


Construction Solutions Algarve sketch house Construction Solutions Algarve sketch house


As shown in the plans, Sebastian had closed the terrace and expected a larger living-dining-kitchen. He had also closed the hallway from the kitchen and had expanded the master bedroom and bathroom. However, his design had several problems:

Construction Solutions Algarve terrace

• The room is irregular and the combination with the kitchen just wasn't a good idea.

• The pillars are in the middle and interfere with the general layout.

• The space gained by closing the terrace had not been put to good use.

• The master bedroom is too big now.

• The toilet Sebastian wanted to remove can't be removed completely because of the rear plumbing that can't be taken out.


Our refurb proposal


Our refurb proposal is based on the following points:

• Keep the terrace (and hallway), because the house is spacious enough.

• Expand the living room by knocking through to an adjacent room

• Make a slightly larger master bedroom including part of the adjacent room and its large cupboard space.

• Expand the bathroom adjoining the bedroom and change the entrance

• Remove the bathroom next to the kitchen and re-arrange the kitchen layout in order to use the plumbing from the bathroom.



With this refurb we will have a wide-dining room that takes advantage of the terrace with an indirect link to the kitchen. In the kitchen we now have a spacious work area with a central island, while the master bedroom has gained space and become a suite.



The only downside is that the entrance to the bedroom must be accessed from the kitchen, which is a little strange, but may be used as an office, or a pantry, or laundry room ...



REFURB with Construction Solutions Algarve


Conversion, alteration, renovation, reconstruction, modification & rebuilding


  • Fair price
  • Flexibility pays off
  • A new look
  • Monitor the plumbing
  • Renew/ revamp
  • Coppersmiths
  • Building progress
  • Beautiful floors without work
  • Internet Zone
  • On budget
  • Financing
  • Energy rehabilitation
  • Official licenses
  • Efficient home
  • Internet
  • Open spaces
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Glazing
  • Burglary resistance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hardware
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Removable walls
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Certified wood
  • Textiles
  • Formaldehyde emission
  • Air quality
  • Detergents
  • Fair trade products
  • Ecological aspects
  • Painting
  • Decorative ideas
  • Flooring
  • Stains
  • Oxide effect
  • Acrylic effect
  • Photo catalytic
  • Slate effect
  • Magnetic
  • Anti-allergies
  • Shading
  • Colors of the year 2016
  • Kitchens
  • Recreating daylight
  • Invisible healthy air conditioning
  • Inversion
  • Capacity 
  • Switches
  • Remote cooking
  • Light control
  • Quick and easy isolation
  • New ways of changing the floor
  • Paving, minimum thickness
  • Best time to install flooring
  • Humidity, wood's worst enemy
  • Heating
  • Metallic parquet
  • Hydraulics
  • Water waste
  • Wall drains
  • Anti-limescale shower screens
  • Water control
  • Adaptable bath tubs
  • Button activated taps
  • Comfort for the elderly
  • Adjustable modules
  • Unique walls
  • Matching paper rolls
  • Printable furniture
  • Interior wood
  • Authentic walls
  • New decoration 
  • WI-FI plant watering
  • Smart circuitry
  • Cooking without oil
  • Light bulbs
  • Climate
  • Good memories
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